Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro smartphone review: Lots of power and features at a bargain price

In addition to Play Store, the phone comes with Xiaomi’s ‘GetApps’ repository. Much like the LIC agent in every WhatsApp group, GetApps keeps nagging you to take up random things. The left-most screen is occupied by Xiaomi’s ‘App Vault’. It aggregates news, weather, sports, and other updates in a card-based layout. I cannot fathom how it is even possible for an app to stutter on such a powerful phone, but it does. One area where the price point of this smartphone comes into play is connectivity.

  • The main camera performance is the sort of thing we used to see quite commonly in phones with Samsung sensors, a few years earlier.
  • The Poco X3 Pro will last almost two days for many people, and this kind of staying power is perfect for gamers.
  • The 20MP sensor is the same as that of the more camera-focused, X3 NFC.
  • Contrast levels are boosted to unnatural levels, and there is very significant sharpening and skin retouching.
  • It is the first smartphone to run on the Snapdragon 860 which is essentially a rebadged Snapdragon 855+ processor from late 2019.

A brand name is one thing, but a Facebook-grade inspirational quote? The interface isn’t our personal favorite, but we could still get used to it with time. This is of course a subjective opinion and your preferences and choices may understandably differ.

volver a rom stock poco x3 pro

The power button also doubles as the fingerprint reader. I am a huge fan of side-mounted fingerprint readers as they are ergonomic and fast, and link the same stays true for the Poco X3 Pro. My complaints are about the back, the Poco X3 Pro’s back is made from plastic, which itself is not bad, as plastic is more durable. I don’t like the Poco branding or the camera island or the two-tone color scheme. You need 5GThe point is that 5G has become available on a variety of phones at an affordable price.

  • There is a big difference when switching over to 120Hz, but there is noticeable ghosting at times.
  • Do not get us wrong, the Redmi Note is very quick but the difference in speed comes forth when it is compared with the Poco X3 Pro.
  • But in short, it can be a very good choice for many people.
  • I kind of dig it but completely understand why you might hate it.
  • An excellent team if what you want is power and you do not care so much about the appearance since the design is somewhat ugly to be honest.

The F62 costs more at ₹23,999 ($325), but then again, you are getting a lot of phone here. On average, my smartphone lived on a single charge for 7-8 hours of active screen in 120 Hz mode.

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