“whom is the fact that woman over there? ”That’s Joy from Red Velvet!

“whom is the fact that woman over there? ”That’s Joy from Red Velvet!

You’re tipped over your side by Jungkook’s quick thrusts co-ordinating with Hoseok pinching both your clitoris along with your nipple simultaneously, the scream as you feel his seed spill into you, clenching around him at the feeling and reaching up to grab hold of the older boy’s hair, silently and weakly asking him to remove his fingers from your mouth, which he does, allowing you to moan loudly as his fingers ghost over your body as you come down from your high, soothing the electric tingles that seem to be running riot all over your skin that you let out being smothered by Hobi’s fingers as they delve into your mouth, the slight taste of your cum on them making you moan as Jungkook continues hammering into you- but the sight of you blissed out, choking on Hoseok’s fingers finishes him off and he collapses on top of you.

You look down wearily at Jungkook, seeing him bent over, their face hidden in your belly while he presses kisses that are sloppy the skin.

‘Thank you. ’ he whispers, the language therefore peaceful you imagine which you had been imagining them, however when he appears up at you shyly, phrase showing just how sated and blissed out he had been, you understand yes it’s true and also you cant assist but clench your walls all over emptiness where he was previously, moaning quietly cam4ultimate cams in effect.

‘we think i ought to be saying that to you…you had been the only who strolled all of the means over here in the torrential rain…with dark eyes filled with lust and expectation’ you pant, still trying to gain your breath back, when you’re interrupted by Hoseok’s hand moving to your neck once again, forcing you to look at him and see him staring down at you.

‘ Now, its my turn-’ he claims, just like your home is flung open once again and Taehyung’s flushed face seems, chest heaving together with his jeans where he had obviously ran there, eyes darting for your requirements and their lip curling as he views the position you’re in.

‘I wish you have actuallyn’t been fun that is having me personally. ’

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Sorry for the long delay, but right right here it really is! Masterlist

Jungkook smut

BTS: Jungkook Smut

Jealousy (jungkook smut)

Situation: angst/smut You x Jungkook

We frowned, viewing over the space as my boyfriend tilted their return and laughed at one thing some woman he had been chatting to stated. A grin stayed on their face while they talked, their eyes never ever making hers.

I’d to check away, clenching my fists as my belly dropped. I became at an after celebration for BTS, and also me to go with him though we couldn’t be open about our relationship, Jungkook still wanted. We had to inform everybody we were simply friends though, for no body could understand that a girlfriend was had by him. We sighed, looking round the room that is crowded something doing. Despite the fact that Jungkook had currently explained with me the whole time because he had to mingle with everyone, it still didn’t make things easier that he wouldn’t be able to stay. Specially when I experienced the most wonderful view of him flirting with a girl that looked a lot that is awful an idol.

“Excuse me, ” I put my hand in the supply for the next individual that strolled past me personally, getting their attention. “whom is woman over here? ”

The stranger adopted the direction of my little finger that pointed to your woman. “Oh, her? That’s Joy from Red Velvet! ” They responded joyfully, totally oblivious to my animosity.

We frowned. ‘Great, ’ we thought to myself. Exactly just How have always been we designed to contend with some body as stunning as an idol? Plus, they both were in the exact same social-status degree. I happened to be just a girl that is normal Jungkook had to help keep concealed through the globe. A “friend”.

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