Secrets Behind the New Boss of the Dungeon!

With the latest update, brimstone important drops right from Konar activities, but perform they actually drop from any of the different new loot in the new dungeon or is this just how you get the loot in the old one? Well the question lies not a lot of on in which they drop, but rather how the dropped goods are obtained in the game.

We will assume a fresh player is going to get fighting the boss inside the dungeon for the first time. At the beginning he or she is presented a good group of weapons, potions, and fans. The employer begins the fight, even though he disorders you, he will use brimstone shards. These are thrown at you and struck you with a guaranteed critical strike, as a result killing you.

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When the boss has been killed, you are given another pair of items, only this time they cannot have to be applied right away, for the reason that items in your inventory will have to be depleted could use one that begin looting. You will be given two things, a brimstone key and a brimstone shard, that will must be used in in an attempt to activate a secret passing within the dungeon’s walls, letting you move alone6106.

Since these items can be utilised up quickly, players will have to conserve all their time, since the passageway will need to be revealed within the allotted period. Players need to use a brimstone shard in each area and a few of which in all rooms, in order to find the secret verse. These shards will also help you gain access to the bosses torso and other regions of the dungeon.

When considering to enter the key passage, in addition to all the items necessary, you will need to switch on the secret passing. When the magic formula passage has been activated, a timer will probably be displayed under the entrance to share with you how longer it will need for you to enter the passage.

Once you have came into the secret penetration, it will then start itself, allowing you to move inside and fight the boss. The brimstone you had used on the bosses shard will have dropped off of the wall and will fall season onto the ground once you have dealt damage to the boss, leaving you with a single last shard to beat the ceo and acquire all the delicacies inside of the new dungeon.

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